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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
I convinced my son into buying Elite Dangerous for the PS4 last week instead of some virus game which I really was not comfortable with him playing (and not only because of the current world status!) and, I am happy to report, he is loving it. I'm enjoying watching him play it too as it is bloody gorgeous to look at and yet the gameplay seems so close to the original Frontier.

But I have a question... he has invested a lot of time in this already but there doesn't seem to be a way of forcing a save game on the PS4. Can anyone tell me how you can either force a save, make multiple save game files or restore from previous points? I know he'll be gutted if something goes wrong and he loses this progress or makes a bad decision at some point and gets stuck down a game path he doesn't want to do.
Progress is saved online, it cant back backed up or loaded, if you die, you die. Never fly without rebuy! It's saved real time tho

If you bankrupt yourself (not enough insurance to replace your ship) you'll end up back in a sidewinder!
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