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Ello From 'Ull!

Hi All,

My name is Sean, I'm 57 years old and live from Hull, (Or as we say it up here.... 'Ull!) UK!

I have always loved computer games from way back in the arcade days and owned all computer and consoles below....

Binatone TV Master
Atari 2600
Philips G7000 Videopac
ZX Spectrum
Amstrad CPC 464
Super Nintendo
Sega Master System
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Game Gear
Amiga 500+
Amiga 600
Amiga 1200
PC (Dos, 98SE, XP, Win7, Win8)
X-Box 360

No PS4 or Xbox 1 simply because I am going through a phase of classic retro games and the newer consoles do not seem to interest me like the golden oldies. (Maybe my age eh?)

To me its not about the graphics... its about the fun/gameplay and I think that is where some of the younger (And older generation go wrong!) Even my 11 year old Granddaughter loves the retro gaming too and says she prefers it to newer games and consoles.

My personal favs are obviously some retro arcade games... Deluxe Galaga, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Phoenix, Frogger, Tron but Mr. Do! is my go too one for a couple of quick games! But there are tons of others I love too, far too many to list here..

Then the old Amstrad CPC 464, what a machine that was! I had 1000's of games for that but the annoying thing about it was the loading times and once the game had loaded you kept your fingers crossed hoping it wasn't going to crash and go back to the front end loading home screen again! Fav games on here to name but a few where Dizzy (All the series), Rick Dangerous, Pick 'N Pile, Puzznic, Deathstalker & Pipe Mania!

Then came the computer to beat all others.. The Amiga! My Dad bought an Amiga 500+ and I used it more then him so he gave it to me and I hammered the crap out of it playing all games day and night! Then I bought an Amiga 600 and not long after I bought a Amiga 1200 when that came out with a Memory Expansion and 120MEG Hard Drive!

Again I had 1000's of games bought and copied (Thanks to the car boot sales back in the day!). I must stress though, I did always buy the proper game if the pirated one was fun though, it cost me a bloody fortune! But great times where had with games like Alien Breed, Chaos Engine, Sensible Soccer, Pinball Fantasies, Desert Strike, F1, Lotus Espite Challenge, Kickboxer, Body Blows, Project X and again another I could never put down once I started playing.... Superfrog!

So much fun had and so many memories... great times.

Unfortunately I had to sell all my computers and games above a few years back as my partner had a rare aggressive cancer and we needed major house renovations and needed the space and money quickly to store the all the equipment we needed!

Luckily there are emulators out there but while they are great, I have to admit, nothing matches the sound of a tape/drive loading, the weight and smell of an Amstrad plus Green Screen & TV Modulator and of course my Amiga's! (It sounds like I am in love! LOL )

Anyway, I think I have waffled enough now to introduce myself to you all.
Over the coming weeks I will check out more of this interesting forum which I have come across.

Catch ya all soon

Sean aka Numbnuts (My Gaming Name )
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