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Originally Posted by Unkown View Post
Ok then so no point in running it in a VM then right on... Thank You!
Well any emulator *IS* a VM by its very nature, it's just that a simpler VM like VirtualBox tries to minimize how much it has to emulate as much as possible. Systems like VB or Vmware are still emulating parts of the machine, just not the processor (and are paravirtualizing other parts if you install the appropriate drivers)

So if you want a *performance* advantage by running a native-code VM vs. running a full-blown emulator, that will only work on a system that shares common parts. e.g. running x86 software on an x86 system, or 68k software on a 68k system (like in Shapeshifter on the Amiga).

There's still a compartmentalization advantage to running something in a VM -- the product is sandboxed from your environment. Some operating systems have a more limited, streamlined way to implement this in the form of Containers.

In general though if you want to run AmigaOS 4.1 on Windows, and WinUAE already plays nice with your system, there's no sense in running it in an extra VM layer like VirtualBox. Just run WinUAE natively in your OS. There will be less overhead, and WinUAE can use paravirtualization to native Windows features to improve performance.
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