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Power Supply?

As many of you may know I have a really nice PSU with my miggy 1200 which I constructed with my ows fare hands
I have rescently sold it for 30 pounds!!

I cant be bothered to make another, I simply dont have the time!

Which am i best using:

Amiga 500 PSU
Amiga 600 PSU (slightly lighter than A500 PSU)
The Light A1200 PSU!

Also have aquired a strange A1200 PSU! it came with a boxed A1200 i got rescently and it is identical (except the colour) to my old commodore 64 power suppy but has the Amiga connector and is the same shade of colour as the A1200!

Which one shall I use?

Sorry for all the lame questions lately but I am setting up my A1200 in such a way that after its don I dont want to be messing with it again.
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