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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Im also wondering if most of these games dont have copylocks and use Manual Protection so the originals could be copied back to real floppy with tools like PowerCopy or eADFs made.
Good question. I took the Gods NTSC WHDLoad and copied the Disk.1 and Disk.2 and renamed them as ADF's and they boot and work on WinUAE, and when they load up they ask for the manual protection. I have a copy of the manual in PDF, and wanted to see if I could copy them to real disks. No juice. (Was hoping they are not copy protected since there is manual protection them!) Well, the files are not 880k images, and I tried to load them and make then into ADFs on WinUAE but got an error. So they seem to be copy protected disks as well as manual protection!

Anyone know how to copy these images to real disks? Wonder if we can use emulation and a Parameter copier or something and crack them to ADFs
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