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That could be ok, but I've got the original manual and original floppy. It says it can handle 8mb ram. Anyway I've never heard of a revision C. Will try to find something, but I doubt it. And I don't find a reason to put jumpers for 8mb if it coudn't use them.

Edit: And now I've got to search the difference between Edo and Fpm rams. "My" seller told me he would send both types. Edit: (Fast one) Edo rams began in 1995. Perhaps the Hawk wasn't designed for them ?¿ Edit: My manual was printed in 1993... I suggest that they coudn't advice about not using Edo rams if they didn't exist...

And you can see I'm putting interest in this, so (if you know me) I have to find an answer. What's more, now I'm seeing a lot of people searching and buying cheap ramboards like this, and they will began to ask about this matter.

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