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Hi, everyone.
I have this card (without fpu) and the same problem as you.
I'm not an expert, but I found this description on a old ebay auction:

"This accelerator card works fine and has 8MB fast ram onboard. There is also an RTC = Real Time Clock, not sure of the battery which is and easy replacement as it is the CR2032 coin type. The board is the Rev D which means unlike the C version this board can handle upto 8MB where as the C version can only handle 4MB Max."

Cant remember which board revision is mine, but perhaps this is the cause of our problems.

In last couple of years I tested seven pieces of EDO RAM modules and none of them wanted to work with 8mb, but only with 4mb.
I have OS 3.0 and WB 3.1 installed on CF card.

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