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Try another memory tester, there are many on aminet.
If several memory testers fail above $6000000 (=start of upper 4mb) when booting from Workbench 3.0 floppy, I would say the upper 4MB are not available to the system hardware-wise (for whatever reason), and any software failures are likely due to that.

It is possible to have workbench and sysinfo show 8MB even with a 4MB SIMM, with jumpers set to 8MB. (depending on the board, I guess)
At one point I only had one SIMM, and it was a 4MB module mislabeled as 8MB. I still have nightmares from that

I'm not saying all your modules are only 4MB, it might be a design fault or hardware failure of the Hawk board.
Just pointing out that having WB show 8MB is no guarantee that everything works and that any problem has to be in software.

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