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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Thanks for the uploads, Mike!

Please upload any futher images you make from that disk, even if they don't seem to be getting any better. You'd be surprised at what can be conjured up from them.
I've created a new image using the A600 drive and I've done some testing as well. Every other disk image made with both the external drive (attached to A1200) and the internal A600 drive, has been error free.

Meanwhile, the Lightbench image (image no.2) has the same errors that were on the TrojanLP image (image no.1) - block for block.

I'll upload it all the same and perhaps something can be made of them. It'd be a shame to lose the files and now that I know the disk isn't 100%, I'll be wanting those working files myself to use my new lightpen!

Let me know if you think it's worth trying disksalv as well.

Thanks for making me feel like part of the team - good luck!

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