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Post good news, but with the shine taken off...

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Hi mike_cc,

Thanks for joining up to make this contribution to the Amiga community.

If ADFBlitzer has failed to make a useable image of the disk, then your internal floppy drive is having problems reading it and no other disk utility is likely to be successful either.

If the sound coming from your floppy drive is really scratchy, then it might well be damaging the disk into the bargain.

However, if the drive is making a squealing noise, then the disk may be stricken with mould growth caused by it having been stored in damp conditions, and this will have to be removed after prising open the case and sliding out the disc.

Have a look at the surface of the disc by sliding the shutter to one side while turning the hub to rotate it. If it looks scratched, then stop using that floppy drive now and clean/inspect the drive heads.

If the disk looks good, then please try it in an extrernal drive instead.

If you're not sure what to do, you are welcome to send the disk to me and I will do what's necessary and get an image made of it before returning it to you.

In the meantime, if you have a partial image of it - even if it shows up as a non-DOS disk, then please upload it, as it may still be possible to extract the files from such an image.

Edit: Please upload any images you do make to The Zone here.
How do I get access to the zone?
Thanks for the advice and the welcome. I've uploaded my second attempt to the zone and it includes two files. The first is a pdf I've made of the manual, not great quality but it's legible. The second 'TrojanLP' is a disk image that I was able to open in WinUAE but which has checksum errors on the disk. I think these may have been present on the original although they might be down to the use in the dodgy drive or as a result of the external drive doing a bad job. Either way, the disk looks fine physically and it reads in both drives. i have a second external drive knocking around somewhere and my A600 has a better quality drive which I may be able to bring into play if I can get the adf making software onto it. Anyway, I'll keep plugging away and hopefully will be able to get a successful image. I'll keep checking back to see if you've been able to repair the one that's currently posted.

Thanks for the work guys, it's been fun!
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