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I suppose it's about time to end this discussion. For a number of reasons. One of which being the fact that the point I was trying to make seems to have been thoroughly missed. Which very well might be my responsibility entirely, and for sure is partially. But I believe it's in the nature of this type of discussions to get out of hand, at least to some extent.

As many of you have pointed out, there's no practical difference to the end result that can be made by this boards policy. I would like to stress though, that it was never my intention to argue for the board to question or even break existing laws. My intention was to express the conviction that it actually is not against any law, copyright or otherwise, to download or by means other than purchase obtain a copy of Workbench disks if being the owner of an Amiga, which I in turn base on the conviction that the license is, and in my opinion has to be, connected to said hardware (not counting upgrades, which is different). I'll leave it at that, along with an apology actually, not for this post but for my unfair assumption concerning marco pendrana's "fingerpointing" - ah well, nobody's perfect

As noted earlier. All that is left on this topic is to agree to disagree. We'll probably never know for certain anyway, given the slim chances of this ever getting tried in a court of law.
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