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Originally Posted by Rabbit80 View Post
and in the case of AF not providing me with complete copies of all WB disks? they quite clearly advertise that this is what they will sell me...
as they are the licensed dealer of the roms, you take that problem to them.
as of my knowledge od AF, the kickstart roms needed to use that package and run Winuae areprovided with AF, so what's the problem?

i do not endorse in any way AF nor i throw it down, i just say that EAB is not the place where to ask or support the distribution of copyrighted kickstarts, point which, as has been made seriously tons of times, i will not duscuss further.

i don't see any reason to discuss it further either if not to provoke silly discussions about the laws of copyrights which do not pertain to me or other mods, but to legislators, or morality, which i have not signed anywhere to become indicator of.

what? you guys are not able to use google whatsoever? or you can and have a complete collection of what is there to be found and come here to pretend the morality of it? not only that, but that there's one only way to do these things and it is, by chance, yours?
i don't give a rat ass about cloanto per se, but i'm tired of these discussions: EAB do not deals in the rights or wrongs of copyrights. ever.
and it tutelates itself by the quarrels about it.

what you can ask, as this is a forum, are info about legal ways to have what you need, or what you feel you have been not given when you were in your rights to have, which is what i've just answered by saying: bring that to Cloanto.
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