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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
You mean, my card, merlin? I've not got the faintest idea.... It's gotta be one of the soldered chips on the card (Blizzard 1230/IV, if I'm not mistaken). I've taken out the CPU, FPU and RAM, and the exact same thing happens when I poweron the Amiga... ie, nothing.

Kinda like what would happen if AmigaInc suddenly produced some actual goods, not just hot air... nothing would happen because we wouldn't trust their stuff to last during the time in postage :P
i dont know whats wrong with mine, the fan is detached and when i try plugging it in the motherboard it is too loose i must have detached it too many times. there could be nothing wrong with mine i may have just worn out the attachment where you plug it in on the motherboard or it could be catastrophically knackered as far as i know.
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