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Originally Posted by andreas
If *this* is really a problem, Battle Squadron shouldn't have been easy to crack either.
They managed to cram more than 1 MB on the disk.
Erm, no they didn't. The one disk versions removed the intro to fit it onto one disk. I don't count removing 200k of intro as squeezing the game onto a disk!

Also some MFM games are easier to crack than others due to better programming in the first place. eg. Turrican 2 is one disk packed to the max with data, but because it is ordered into logical files, it is quite easy to move certain files off the first disk and onto a second disk for the cracked version.

It is a sad fact that the more sloppy programmers games were generally harder to crack because they had bits all over the place, spaghetti code, multiple copies of the loader etc. A more structured programmer would just have one loader at all times and one main program so cracking it should be a lot easier.

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