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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
What a silly thing to say Steril707.

...but let me ask you this then; are you going to be charging virtually the same price for both the physical and digital download?

Which is what this whole debate is really about.
No, I would not. Like I stated a few pages earlier. 10 Euros for download, a trained version (probably done by Ross) for free a few days later, and a boxed version where the price will be dictated by how expensive it will be to create all that shit.

But, and that's the point, I cannot criticize anyone else for doing it differently, since we are living in a free market, and every Amiga gamer or collector is allowed to vote with their wallet.

On the Patreon thing, if you think this is bad practice, I'd think you should simply install a new forum rule not allowing this kind of thing if you think it's bad.

(btw: I think you are doing a tremendous job here on EAB, Damien. Hopefully we might meet on Amiga35 this year and drink some beers )
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