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Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
but I would not talk bad about people who try to earn some bucks through that service.
Nothing wrong with people using Patreon is they wish... but posting stuff in an internet forum (where they get free marketing / advertising); and then saying we really need to read their text / explanation accompanying a 15 second video, knowing full well that the only way to do so is by subscribing to their Patreon; is a bit off in my book.

This was done at least twice in this thread: RESHOOT PROXIMA III – New game from the RESHOOT R guys

Amiten used to do something similar; i.e. beg people to subscribe to his YouTube videos in many of his posts on EAB... same thing as above really if you think about it.

Originally Posted by Steril707 View Post
Please promise me you don't buy Inviyya (if it ever gets finished... ) if you think it's not worth what I charge for it and then complain here about it...
What a silly thing to say Steril707.

...but let me ask you this then; are you going to be charging virtually the same price for both the physical and digital download?

Which is what this whole debate is really about.

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