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I don't quite get it...

If I make a game, compose some music, paint a picture, craft a sculpture or write a book:
it is entirely up to me, what price I am going to charge.
and it is entirely up to others what they are willing to pay.

If I want to sell my physical box even cheaper than any digital download:
again entirely up to me!
Maybe I want people to have a box or I am substituting the physical release or maybe for no reason at all.

Usually there is a sweet spot in regard of price and volume, where you will have the most profit ... if profit is the goal. But since we do not have a normal market and numbers are extremely small and gaining profit won't happen anyways ... the price is just what the creator thinks it should be, and one can buy it or leave it.

If "we" (as in the community) would want to reverse the situation, we could create a fund and/or competition ... something that has been done here already.

Collect 10-20 € from a larger group of people and offer that sum for the next game. As an open/closed competition or as a kickstarter like model or as a bounty...
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