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Originally Posted by Rochabian View Post
Back in the days, games that were good or bad were sold the same price in box

Back in the days things were a lot different weren't they. Professional publishing houses. Developers not reviewing their own games and rating them higher than other games.. etc etc etc.

Also in the 90's developers and publisghers were not directly interacting with their customers, they were not directly able to influence them. Magazines often reviewed the games, and a lot would fail to sell because they were so rubbish!

Nowadays, there are so few releases, it's easy to release any old shit, and people will just clamour to buy it.. Or if you're a collector just pay to have a 100% complete collection..

Fuck it.. I'm going to write a cheap, shit, wanky game.. Have a decent box made and flog it for £45.. The collectors will buy it wont they?????
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