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Cdxl vs yafa

This needs more testing but initial tests are promising. Not tested on real cd32 yet. The goal is to play anims from cd of course so the limit is 300kb/s.

This is the best I could get so far with test anim:

cdxl anim: 208x156 12.5fps ham6 no audio

cdxl anim: 204x152 12.5fps ham6 with audio
yafa anim: 248x186 12.5fps ham6 no audio with audio workaround

iso v1

iso v2
iso v3

iso plays cdxl, than yafa anim, and loops

The reason why they have no audio is cause I read that yafa has 128kb limit for sample size. Probably I'd had to split audio but that would probably lead to stutter every time it loads sample during animation. But I didn't experiment yet. Now, yafa player has advantage that it can play mods. So one day I'll either use mod music or make mod with split samples so everything would be loaded at once. Though, I don't know why I never thought about that, but probably I could play mod with cdxl too by simple multitasking...
Seems that cdgsxl is not that system friendly as I thought I remember... but yafa player is.

First I tried xpk for yafa and the files were significantly smaller but although 020 w/o fast ram can play them from hdd it stutters from cd.
I settled with byte delta compression which also makes smaller files, just enough smaller to make noticeable differences when compered to cdxl and doesn't stutter when played from cd.

Also along the way, older yafa player v.0.78 turned out to access the cd faster than v.1.0.2

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