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Originally Posted by aeberbach View Post
If I wanted to see pictures of all the variants of the A1200 and A600 keyboards that shipped, where could I find it?

Are the various international keymaps available in Workbench an accurate representation of the physical keyboards that the Amiga shipped with? Or are there more, or maybe less?
Just want to point out that in the US the A600 and A1200 shipped with two different physical keyboard layouts. One was the normal layout with the long left shit key and fat enter key, and the others were the later "extra blank key" ones with the neutered shift and enter keys.

Apparently as a cost-saving measure Commodore stopped making the American keyboards and started using the international ones with the blank keys. AFAIK most American A600s have the American keyboard, but I've seen some with the international keyboard. I've only seen one A1200 with the American keyboard, and most seem to have come with the international keyboard.

Sucks for me as I hate the tiny shift and enter keys with the useless blank keys. xD
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