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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Great - that makes it the best pocket Amiga.

Unless Misclegend is right and the Xiaomi Mi 9 does indeed have 50Hz, too. The Xiaomi's 1080p-screen is better for integer-scaling of Amiga games than the Razer 1440p-screen (but maybe you don't need integer scaling with the Razer's high DPI).
I'd like to see some proof that it really can do 50Hz though. Maybe Rayman is really sped up to 60Hz in ePSXe?

I have a Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Is it maybe 50Hz-capable, too?

UAE4ARM is very close to WinUAE isn't it? Should run most stuff perfectly with any 2GHz+ phone.
sinceraly I don't know if the xiaomi mi9 works at 50hz or not but the scroll is perfect on games which run at 50 fps
in epxse you can activate the fps count and says 50/50 in rayman and in all
pal games
you can try rayman on your xiaomi to test it, even you do not need to play the game , just start the game and watch all the scenes and demos from different levels
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