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I am having trouble with BlitzQuake and OpenBOR

When I load BlitzQuakeWos either the Aminet version or one of the Cowcat versions I get a PowerPC Exception. I get similar results with OpenBOR



I ran SnoopDOS and it shows BlitzQuake is looking for pak2. But Quake 1 only has pak0 and pak1?

ADoomWOS, Duke 3D, prBoom-WOS, Quake 2 etc runs fine (PPC Versions)

So I do know both Warp3D and my K1 work. But not on BlitzQuake or OpenBOR?
As I missing a dependency somewhere?

I am running WB with stock 3.1.4 ROM for A4000.
BestWB1.3, MMU Libs, Sonnet 431 off Jenkins server.
WarpDrive 68060 @ 80Mhz with 128MB
64MB on A4000 Motherboard

Mediator is the 5v Desktop one. VooDoo3 in 2nd slot from bottom, K1 in above (3rd up / 2nd down. Depending on how you view it)
3.3v for the K1 is supplied from the 300w SFX PSU.

Following ENVARC
Buster - 11
VoodooMem - 13
VoodooMemOS - Yes
VoodooInt - Yes
NoCache - Yes

I start the K1 with Run >NIL: <NIL: C:InitPPC at any point after loadmondrvs and before the datatypes are loaded

Can anyone give some advice on the best way to troubleshoot this?
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