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Thank you very much Lemaru! As i'm not a big vampire fan i haven't read too deep in the A1k vampire thread so i missed this.

But...i sanded the socket down and now it holds !! It holds very good now, i can lift the pcb with the ramexpansion like you showed in your vampire video. Amazing, i've measured with a digital caliber before and after sanding it's only 0,5mm lower but it makes a big big difference. Everything is fine now, even with my china socket

Anyway, i'm going to add a screw and spacer for safety. No cable tie needed. For you folks, my measuring says the parts which are needed should be:

plasic spacer M3 x 8 mm lenght
tapping-screw M2.2 x 12 mm lenght

It will take it's time to arrive after ordering the parts but i'll check it and let you know. If these values are correct, SukkoPera can add the information to his Github

Running systest 1 hour, everything is fine

...wanted to show some pictures from the sanded socket but what the hell, i can't upload any pictures because only 10 MB attachments on EAB allowed in total? there a way to increase this

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