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Commodore marketed it both as their intended successor to the Commodore 64 and as their competitor against the Apple Macintosh and the Atari ST. It was later renamed the Commodore Amiga 1000...

That was exactly my first impression when I first saw AMIGA 500 at my cousin's: an evolution of C64.
Good thing was the user manual took my hand and guided me step by step learning the Workbench and the Intuition interface, and then I realised that C64 and Amiga were totally different products.

Originally Posted by Avrovulcan View Post
So in short, disappointed with the hardware?? Not really, more disappointed with the way Commodore handled things and the lack of software. Unfortunately these two things probably go hand in hand.
That's exactly my point.

Speaking of A1200 and A4000 I am not disappointed about the Amiga Platform, but the way it was managed caused it to become obsolete around the mid '90s. PC an MAC grow more and more advanced while Amiga grow very little in ten years.
Compare Apple policy to the Commodore policy. Apple is so proud of the platform that new products are "always" on the market, with lots of technology and functionality. They act as market leaders. (As an example, Intel do the same.)
In the Amiga scene, almost only the users really believe in the platform. Perhaps I am too focused on this point but I am convinced that part of the problem is that the original Amiga project was not from Commodore and what Commodore really wanted was just a successor of the C64.
Well, since C64 has VIC and SID custom chips, perhaps it could regarded sorta forerunner of the AMIGA
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