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Originally Posted by apolkosnik View Post
Toni, thank you again for this great tool! I think that its brute-force approach is an important feature, perhaps leaving it as an option would make sense, at least for people that might want to try to do some fuzzing on their new implementations.
I am not going to remove it, as you said, it can reveal weird undocumented cases by creating bit combinations that no one is supposed to use.. (Note that currently some invalid combinations are never generated because some of them confuse the CPU, some parts of calculations use "hidden" address register, some ignore the bit and use matching data register..)

"target ea mode" is the alternative, non-random one. It only generates EAs listed in ini (one or more, comma separated). Mainly meant for testing address and bus errors.

Your cputest tool helped me to get some bugs related to unsupported addressing modes (for instructions using register bits in the second word) out of the TG68K core on MiSTer. Now, the mystery behind the texture corruption in the Gouraud Pulse in Nexus 7 demo has been solved! :-)
Which instruction? I am quite sure UAE didn't support those undocumented A/D field instructions and the demo did work fine.
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