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Originally Posted by geldo79 View Post The bob is not static. I can move it over the background screen pixel by pixel. It looks good. I use

move.w #40-4,$60(a5) ; BLTCMOD
move.w #-2,$62(a5) ; BLTBMOD
move.w #-2,$64(a5) ; BLTAMOD
move.w #40-4,$66(a5) ; BLTDMOD

move.w #(16*64)+2,$58(a5) ; BLTSIZE

When I chose the 16x32 bob (with empty area on the right), I have to use a 16x32 mask (thus, also contains the empty area on the right side), and set

move.w #0,$62(a5) ; BLTBMOD
move.w #0,$64(a5) ; BLTAMOD

to get the same result. The only issue I see, is when the bob leaves the screen on the left/right/top/bottom of the screen (I want to let the bob come into the opposite side if it leaves the screen boundries). But that problem I have with both configurations.

Ok. Sounds plausible.
And that's why you have to post all the code
The reason is here:
move.w    #-2,$62(a5)      ; BLTBMOD

move.w    #-2,$64(a5)      ; BLTAMOD

move.w    #(16*64)+2,$58(a5)    ; BLTSIZE

You write a 32bits x bobs, cut it to valid 16bits and then modulo -2 realign the data.
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