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Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
Clock for clock I believe the ACA's to be faster than the Blizzard 1230IV. I'd expect the 55MHz ACA to match or exceed the Blizzard at 60MHz. Anyway, like previously mentioned, and 040 at 25MHz is better than either. An new 040 or 060 card would be nice.
You are right here. I overclocked my Blizzard IV to 62.5MHz and result was similar to ACA1230/56MHz. It was around 12,5MIPS.
ACA1230/40MHz has similar speed to stock Blizzard IV, so in conlusion moderm MC68030 are around 15-20% faster comparing to old ones due to fast memory and low memory latency. MC68040/25MHz was around 15MIPS so still noticably faster.

Here are AIBB results for A1233n:

And Warp 1260 with MC68060 is wip:

There will also design scandoubler add-on to Warp card.
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