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Originally Posted by Pollock View Post
Why doesn't someone make a card with a 68030 50Mhz part at 60Mhz? or something? the later mask CPU's would easily take it, the market has stagnated, no one in their right mind would buy this, without investigating when the A1200 Vampire4 is out. that is gonna be all killer, no filler.
Clock for clock I believe the ACA's to be faster than the Blizzard 1230IV. I'd expect the 55MHz ACA to match or exceed the Blizzard at 60MHz. Anyway, like previously mentioned, and 040 at 25MHz is better than either. An new 040 or 060 card would be nice.

Regarding the vampire, it's great and everything but it's not for everyone. There is still a real market out there for genuine Motorola cards despite whatever the vampire team come up with next (3 million GHz 68999 included).

There's going to be another split isn't there... Classic Amiga and Classic Classic Amiga LOL. TBH I'm not a fan of the use of 'Classic' as to me a better and more correct name is 'Commodore-Amiga'.
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