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Originally Posted by sean_sk View Post

Of course WinUAE will be faster because of JIT and all the other speed settings it has. There's nothing particularly special or challenging about that. And I've never understood why you would want to do all the things you say you do in an emulator (which is running in Windows anyway) when you can do that stuff in Windows already. The only thing I can think of is that it's fun and interesting for you. That's great! But so is using a Vampire for those of us that have one. So from the perspective of having fun, you should be able to understand the appeal of using a Vampire or anything else we do in the Amiga hobby.
I am a big AmigaOS fan, I have almost all the Amigas (A4000/060 RTG - 2 A1200/030 2 A600HD, 2 A500, 1 A500Plus, 2 CD32 /SX32) that I haven't used in 25 years. I don't care about the case, I don't look at the the hardware, I like to use OS3 and at the moment WinUAE is the one that does it best for power and quality. When the Vampire becomes more powerful I will be the first to buy it, today I prefer WinUAE.
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