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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Ditto - with a tip a la DamienD here.
Wonderful, thanks a lot and enjoy!

Continue to support our little community Saimo.

It's my utmost desire to keep on releasing Amiga games. Actually, I'm already working on something new using the dot-matrix engine already mentioned previously - for your convenience, have a look at this (please check out also the descriptions of the videos):

[ Show youtube player ]
[ Show youtube player ]

Moreover, I'd like also to add an AI to MeMO and rework entirely and release two other puzzle games (which are otherwise 100% finished since years). Not to mention that I have also a couple of other graphical engines that really should be made use of.
That said, I really don't know if I'll ever manage to get anything done. My life is taking a new and unpredictable turn right now. I guess I'd better give you an overall view.

On August 26th, 2016, I returned to Italy because my mother and my father were going through very difficult times; my father, in particular, was terribly ill, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Returning to this place automatically meant one thing: either being jobless or being a slave. Despite my attempts, I couldn't get a proper job. (Eventually, not having a source of income pushed me to create a Patreon page.)
However, being jobless had the positive side effect of giving me time to improve and re-release all my games (and, in particular, produce the very special physical editions of BOH ADVANCE, Huenison, and MAH), create and release SkillGrid, and write the engines for AGA Amigas mentioned above.
Since last November my father's conditions became extremely critical, and my mother and I have been assisting him at the hospital and at home, day after day, night after night. His pain was deep and continuous, and we were consumed by sorrow and fatigue.
Two days ago, he passed away. He's now in peace.
Now my mother and I can return to life as well. In particular, it seems very likely that in a not so distant future I'll move abroad and start a new life again. As a consequence, I'll have much less time to work on my projects. I have many (besides those mentioned above, I also should really finish [ Show youtube player ], the big brother of QUOD INIT EXIT IIm), and I die to bring them to completion, but what I'll be able to accomplish is a question mark.

So, my thanks to everybody who supports me really come from the bottom of my heart. I do hope to keep on bringing some more fun to your lives.
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