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I'm using vasm to cross compile Amiga applications. My main interest is in games and demos, so the first thing I do is usually to turn off the system, and then program 'to the metal'. I'm using AF (7.2) to test my results, so 99% of dev time is spent on PC.

I'm getting to a point where a debugger would come in very handy. I have no debugging experience on actual hardware, but I believe that, in this case, a second Amiga was used (connected using null modem) to run the debugger on and examine the app running on the first Amiga.

Is this kind of setup possible in AF at all? Can I run 2 instances of AF and have 1 debug the other? I'd be wanting to put some breakpoints, examine the registers and selected memory locations, these kinds of things.

Any tips, anyone?
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