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Hey Beaks,

I've never actually used the A520 but I can try to help.

Have you connected the 'Video Out' (colour composite) from the A520 to the LCD TV's composite in? Or have you connected the 'RF Out' to the TVs RF in?

If the former you'll just have to change the TVs input to composite and hope it accepts the signal. If the later hopefully your TV has some sort of auto-tune for terrestrial broadcasts? (i.e. hopefully the TV can tune itself to the RF signal).

I would check the Amiga is in working order though. If you pop a disk in the drive does it seem like it's loading it? You can also connect the mono composite port on the back of the Amiga directly to the TV in case the A520 or RGB port is faulty.

Lastly it's worth noting that the A520 will never give a particularly clear picture. If your LCD TV has SCART then a SCART lead for your A500 would give a better picture and won't break the bank. However not all modern TVs with SCART can accept the signal, so it's a bit of a roll of the dice.
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