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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
So have compressed / split the main files into 512MB archives and am uploading... going to take a while, so far 6 of the 18 parts has completed.

Regarding the double compression, with the initial split downloads you extract this into say "C:\Temp" and can then delete afterwards; which leaves you with:
  • Setup.exe
  • WinUAE.ini
  • WinUAE.lnk
  • WinUAE.part1.exe
  • WinUAE.part2.exe
  • WinUAE.part3.exe
  • WinUAE.reg
You don't have to run the "Setup.exe" file if you don't want to but it is advised as everything is automated...

You could just right-click on "WinUAE.part1.exe", select "Open with WinRAR" and extract to whenever you like.

Of course you'd still need to run the "WinUAE.reg" and also create your own desktop shortcut though.
Phew, all uploaded

...took roughly 24 hours to complete.

So if anyone believes that they may have messed up some of the process, PM me for a complete / applied "Base" + "Update Packs 1 - 10" download URLs

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