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Originally Posted by cbmeeks View Post
I just got a "new to me" Amiga 1000 keyboard. Unfortunately, it didn't come with the cable.

So I thought, no big deal. It's just an RJ-11 cable and I have plenty of RJ-11 plugs. So I will make my own cable.

Then I tried to put one of my RJ-11 jacks into the keyboard and discovered it wouldn't fit. It's way too wide. I'm confident it's an RJ-11 cable. So I'm thinking they must come in different widths.

My question is, does the Amiga 1000 keyboard use some other type of 4-pin connector than a standard RJ-11? Or, does the RJ-11 come in different widths?


standard handset cord works fine,i use them on my a1000's
i believe the connector is a RJ9.
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