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Protracker playback library with sound effects

I've managed to translate Phx's Protracker playback routine (as used in Solid Gold and Sqrxz) into a Blitz library.

What sets this library apart from other tracker players is that it works with all system versions (and not only 2.0+ like Ciatrackerlib) and that it supports simultaneous sound effects. The player automatically chooses the most suitable channel to override with sound effects, but you can also reserve certain channels for music only.

To install, copy ptplayer.obj to Blitzlibs:Userlibs or Blitzlibs:Otherlibs and rebuild Deflibs using either Blitzlibs:Makedeflibs or using BlitzLibMan from Aminet.

Command reference:
LoadBank 0,"",2 (loads module into bank 0 in chipmem (2))
MTInstall PAL=True, NTSC=False (installs player in program)
MTInit Bank#, startpos (inserts module into player)
MTInit &module_addr, &instr_addr, startpos (inserts INCBIN module into player, set instr_addr to 0 for normal modules)
MTPlay On/Off (start/stop module playback)
MTEnd (Stop playing current module)
MTSoundFX Sound#, volume (0..64)
MTSoundFX &sample_addr.l, length.w, period.w, volume.w (0..64)
MTMasterVolume 0..64 (Master volume for all music channels)
MTMusicMask bitmask.b (Set bits 0-3 to reserve channels for music only.)
MTMusicChannels 0..4 (number of channels dedicated to music)
MTE8Trigger (Value of the last E8 command in case you want to trigger game events from a module)
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