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@Zippy Zapp

I have to admit I am quite excited as to where your experiment leads too - and I most certainly will champion the "I give that a go" nature! =)

Indeed idrougge raises a good point about ESR - but from my knowledge of the A1200 cuircuits the only one I would be concerned about would be the VIO circuit.

The VIO circuit provides a limited analogue voltage corridor for the analogue video to ensure that a violent potential difference doesn't destroy the TV (Display Panel) or the Amiga - now while I doubt replacing the radial capacitors for polymer based units will change much in this - it is something to keep an eye on =).

Have a look at the motherboard spec-sheet and you will see what I mean. but that is all I can really say that would be susceptible on the A1200 circuit in regards to ESR/ESRD.

Good luck, I am trully excited to see the results of your experiment(s)
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