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Absolutely! The pre-1990 stuff I find to be the coolest because it's so less common. I have moutains of pre-1990 mags from the US which I will eventually get around to scanning (the Rocket Ranger is one example I have already gotten to and I think it's a gem!), but I have only a small number of European mags from this time period, so I always covet those goodies. Many of the ads are even better looking than the boxes for the games, too.

At work, I have a pile of Amiga mags in my desk drawer, there for the scanning, but it seems that for the last several months that my job has kept me entirely too busy to make the time to scan the bloody things. (sigh) In the meantime, we are building quite a stunning museum at the Hall of Light, so any contributions of the sort would be most welcome!
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