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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
By the way, which tool and how did you ripped all the background and sprites with their palettes on amiga ? Because when i see the time it took me to process just one sprite with all its frame (8 hours for only one !).
Mmmm nothing super-special; I wrote a program (on A500+A590 HD+2mb ram) to do the background+sprite tile->bitmap processing and (later) color remapping; in fact I wrote a bunch of programs. I don't think any of it took a long time to run; not super processor-intensive. I did obvious stuff like automatically reframing the bitmapped versions of the sprites; in fact (again IIRC) I think I may have auto-sliced them horizontally into a few separate sections so that stuff like outstretched arms/legs didn't mean I ended up with tons of blank pixels in a giant bounding rectangle. Again this was like 25 years ago so it's a bit vague...

Most of the hassle was finding and decoding the tile maps (and maps of tile maps) in the code roms, which I recall took a good chunk of time; I seem to vaguely recall the background maps were runlength encoded as well... however once I got a few things working it became an addiction to get it all figured out. It was SO rewarding to get all the parallax layers pulled out and just scroll around them :-)

Obviously I couldn't display everything in its true full-color splendor on an A500 but IIRC I had a tool where I could switch it to display the right palettes for certain areas of the screen.

Yeah I'd totally forgotten about the animation positioning stuff; if I recall there was some extra metadata in the rom on how to move the hardware sprite blocks to make the feet stick to the ground properly(?) something a bit unusual about it anyway. Because I had to chop lots of frames out I think I just manually redid it by eye :-(

BTW my point earlier about how MAME would've been a godsend; I was referring to the ability to run & breakpoint the game code on memory accesses so you could see which bits of code were depacking/writing the sprite+bg tile maps to VRAM (and see where the palettes came from) - that would've saved me a bunch of time...
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