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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
If you're stuck with analogue out, then you should disable the DVI output. An open/unterminated DVI output will cause interference, depending on the DVI->VGA adapter that you have, and it consumes extra power, producing extra heat.
Thanks Jens! I run my Indivision 4000 through a CyberVision 64 (passthrough) and use a DVI-VGA adapter. I had these diagonal lines that I contributed to a bad adapter, but changing both PAL modes to VGA (only) fixed it. Very sharp again!

Originally Posted by gnujon View Post
I guess I'll have to be very careful trying to remove the Indi though. Does anyone have any recommendations? How easy is it to pull off? I'm guessing not that easy if it can lift the whole mainboard ;-) As long as I pull straight up and not on an angle should I be able to remove it without damaging the pins or the motherboard?
A good cleaning with isopropanol can never hurt if its never been cleaned. 20 years of oxidation (?) takes it toll.

As for removing it, I've done it a few times in both the 4000 and 1200. Not a problem. I just try to lift it straight up and usually one side gives away first, with a "pop". Nothing damaged yet.
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