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Issue with icons / confusion over icon sets...?

Can anyone please explain to me in n00b terms how to fix this mess? I've replaced icon.library with Peter K's latest one from Aminet, so why are those black dots still showing, and why do the OS314 Glowicons look crap? Last time I tried I completely messed everything up. Obviously I'm missing something really obvious!

f.y.i, I'm using ClassicWB_P96 with OS3.1.4.1 and BestWB running in WinUAE. Although I'm an old-skool Amiga veteran, all this modern iconnery is a little beyond my existing knowledge and skills. I'll make a back-up of the HDF before I start tinkering again, but just wondered if anyone could tell me instantly what I need to do/change/install/edit in order to get everything looking as it should.

Many thanks in advance. :-)
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