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Originally Posted by Antecnisse View Post
I did notice that "Blizzard 1220/4 " in that add hade an onboard 68EC020-25 CPU....
Damn i always thought these were just mem expansions...
But on topic, i looks like a decent classic amiga with good speed for classic gaming and some WB work...
Ahem ...

They are actually 68EC020/20 Mhz but are overclocked to 28 Mhz.

You will get about 4x the speed of stock A1200 and about the half
of speed of 030/50Mhz.Reason I like them is that everything will run
on them.

P.S. PCMCIA problem doesn't apply to Kick 3.0 or maybe it's just my

P.P.S. They do miss MapRom feature ...
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