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I suppose you ignore ECA, he's just bullshiting.

I would not recommend replacing a WinPC with an A1 right now. At least not if you're not familiar with the software available for the Amiga - you should know what you're getting into...


P2P tools are scarce. Somebody's working on a Direct Connect client, and there's Amster (for OpenNap) available. That's about it. Of couse this will change, but certainly not in the next few months. Browsers are limited to HTML 3.2 and older/incomplete Javascript atm. This will change when Gecko gets ported, but again: This may take some time. The rest is pretty well supported, though we don't have an E-Mail client with IMAP4 support

Office Suite

Ouch. OpenOffice will get ported (you know the story: ..."but that may take a while.."). Additionally Papyrus will be available which is a very decent Wordprocessor (a Windows demo version is available somewhere) and all of the old Amiga stuff (Finalwriter, TurboCalc, WordWorth, AmigaWriter etc.) should work fine (as long as you don't need MS Office compatability.


Pretty good stuff available. No big names and no killer applications, but some very nice and powerful software.


Forget it. If you're into modern 3D gaming, don't buy anything else than a WinPC.
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