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The new board is NOTHING like the OLD amiga hardware.
Any progs that used the amiga Video special abilities, WONT work.
MODs(music) wont work.

And OS'4 will only be 10% compatible with the OLD software, unless you Fork out MORE money to run an adapter card.

The buss is SERIAL insted of parrallel for the hardware.
Where the Original AMIGA was Upto date current TECH. The new board is only a Linux box, with the Amiga on it.

Might as well get a Linux system and Add the UAE to it. For the price they are asking($600-800) is for the Mobo,CPU ONLY. And its not upgradeable(its soldered in) to a faster CPU.

do you want something better? If you got the money, go to and look up PPC. They have some with 16 CPU's(if you want to spend $25k). That would be awesome.

They are STILL playing with the NEW hardware and OS. Wait 2 more years(at least) before you even consider it. They have to write more software before it will be released. And the software (What I heard) will be mostly graphics programs and such. They are not looking into gameing on the NEW system.
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