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FFS V43 (a.k.a. FFSTD64) supports TD64 and Direct-SCSI for large hard drives. FFS V44+ (OS 3.5 and above) only supports NSD. As your controller knows neither TD64 nor NSD, Direct-SCSI is the only way to support large harddrives without additional patches.

NSDPatch could be used to make the controller support NSD, but it does nothing else but translate NSD commands into Direct-SCSI commands. So why the hassle and not use Direct-SCSI at once.

Also NSDPatch is loaded in startup-sequence, i.e. when partitions have already been mounted. This could mean that partitions above the 4GB bar are not seen unless you manually add DiskChange commands to your startup-sequence after NSDPatch. Even more hassle.
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