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Unhappy KX Light - Linux Editor destroys config-file!?

I have a very annoying problem. I can install Amiga Forever 2008 excellent, but when using a linux text-editor (tried Beaver in Damn Small Linux) to edit the config file (even if only changing fastmem_size from 8 to 16), I get a cli with some text scrolling by really fast at the start before it disappears and leaves me with an empty wb-screen (no menu's, icons etc loads, only the window and the "working" mousepointer).

When editing it on a Knoppix Live-CD with GVim, I got the same result, only that I can't browse the partition graphically in knoppix afterwards (browsing in terminal works).

Would be really glad if someone could help me solve this, really want this system up and running !

Thank you!
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