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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
Looks like an error message from Windows. I also see that the floppy drive refers to a file on G: (G:/Amiga/roms/...).

So, I'm guessing that you have:
- Added an external drive / removable media as G: containing game files
- Pointed FS-UAE Launcher to this drive, or a subfolder of it, so FS-UAE Launcher scans it for game media.
- And at one point the removable media has been removed.

Please make sure that the device containing "Amiga/roms" is inserted, and available as G:,
- or remove the non-existing drive from FS-UAE Launcher file scanner settings and update the file database.
Your help is greatly appreciated FrodeSolheim.

The problem is solved! was to update the file database (directory/roms) and everything was back to normal.

PD. I do not have "external drive" ...I have one partition on my computer.

B. regards.
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