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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yes. Click "Remap" button next to port selection. Try also latest 2.6 beta because remap option was greatly improved.

(Input panel is even more flexible but also can be very unintuitive..)
Hello Toni. First of all thank you for developing this wonderful emulator. Secondly thank for your reply and suggestion.

I am looking that remap option now....I was looking at it before I started the original post, but taking a closer look, it appears I have to clicking "delete all" in order to begin the process of remapping things the way I want them to be. Also, there is a drop down menu to the right of the "auto-fire" drop down menu. First selection is "default" then mouse, etc. Should I pick "analog joystick" in order to get analog steering with my wheel?

I'm curious about something....when you assign either port to an analog device, does this fool the emulated Amiga into thinking there's a real analog joystick connected? If so, then does that mean all racing games can be controlled with an analog wheel with *TRUE* analog steering movements? Even if the game only supports digital left and right steering? How does it work exactly?
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