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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I have to clarify, this is the last resort, not the other way around. Changing the lens is easier and more prone to success than adjusting the potentiometers. if you read my tutorial through, you will realize I say to first change the lens THEN try that if it didn't work. So I would really suggest to you to get a new lens.

As such, I have not ever touched the pots, do not recommend doing so, and I cannot help you much, but I'll answer what I can.

Did I make a mistake? I'll correct it (and I apologize).
Oh, I remembered. There is another pot on the back of the lens assembly.
Again, I wouldn't touch any of these especially the one on the lens.

The pins I used are the pins of the pots, so, on the opposite side of the board where the pots are. Hope that explains it. As I said, don't want to open the CD32 to take a pic of this.
If you see Stedys 's pic, you can see where the pins for each pot are:

Anyway, as I said, get the new lens, they are dirt cheap if you follow my instructions.
Thanks for your reply and further clarification.

I see now that it would've been better to try to replace the lens. Initially I assumed that it would be easier to play with the pots and I even didn't read you post thinking that replacing the lens was the last resort.

Now, I ordered the lens following your recommendation. I'll come back with the result once (if) I manage to do the job.

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