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Shouldn't the extra settings show bilinear and point, I only see bilinear. Also when displaying bilinear with D3D checked, the display looks like point.

I also noticed that when using D3D all the software filters except null are way to big. The upper left corner looks correctly positioned but the screen looks like it's 2x or more in both horiz and vert. This is with autoscale on. With D3D off all filters work correctly.

This next one is a FYI, I haven't been able to reproduce reliably yet. I get WinUAE crashes when I'm testing and I'm not able to remember the steps that got me to that point, but it's not very stable. Using B5 to save the config seemed to help but I still would get crashes while changing things during testing.

I tried to make a log and catch it crashing but it wouldn't cooporate, so I'm sending my config in hopes that it will help with reproducing the other problems.

Non of the above problems happen with b4.
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