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Originally Posted by Maren View Post
I think I've figured out the source of the NTSC-triggering problem; It happens exclusively with CE on as long as there's a hard drive image attached.
I think this exacy problem has happened previously. Some timing change ("UAE" controller is "fake", there is no hardware emulation) and KS 1.x crappy PAL/NTSC detection fails.

I am going to ignore this and add some hack when/if it still happens when it is release candidate time.

Finally, when you create an hdf image, it's path must be specified before you can mount it, just like hdf's that already exist. Can you include an option to make this process automatic? I mean, so that the "Path" field is automatically updated with that of the hdf being created.
I guess it is possible but only if path field is empty.

I'm just here to mention a thing that you probably all know, but when the cd audio tracks of a current level ends, WinUAE lags for a few seconds (sometimes up to 30) before starting to play the cd audio track again from the beginning. By "lag" I mean that even the animation seems to freeze, advancing frame by frame, and then wooplah!: the audio starts and all goes well. It's like it doesn't loop well the cd audio.
I didn't know because I rarely do any long tests (music ends). Does CPU% in bottom of window (use windowed mode) start climbing to very high values when it happens?

The Savestates folder is the default, and it should be "Saves States", as it was in the past (so it's easier to transfer files).
"Works fine here". Do you have correct setting in paths panel?
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